Cleaning and

Care Information

How to care for your OPTISLEEP therapeutic appliance

  • Always brush your teeth thoroughly prior to inserting the therapeutic appliance.
  • Clean the therapeutic appliance thoroughly every morning after taking it out using a soft toothbrush under warm running water. You should use this soft toothbrush exclusively to clean your OPTISLEEP.
  • After cleaning the OPTISLEEP therapeutic appliance, always store dry and at room temperature in its storage container.
  • Do not allow the therapeutic appliance be exposed to direct sunlight and heat.
  • Remove the therapeutic appliance before eating or drinking in order to avoid damages to the appliance.

Important Care Information

  • Do not use prostheses cleaner which contain oxygen as they could permanently damage your appliance.
  • Do not use hot water or toothpaste as this could also damage your appliance.

The OPTISLEEP storage container

  • Your individual OPTISLEEP appliance will be given to you by your dentist in a storage container.
  • Always store your OPTISLEEP clean and dry following each use in the storage container.